Please read thoroughly before visiting:

August 2021

Dear Staff, Family, and Friends of Colfax Health and Rehabilitation Center,

As you know, COVID-19 is still present and the Delta Variant is appearing in our communities. COVID-19 doesn’t discriminate between young/healthy or old/sick victims. COVID-19 is especially detrimental to the population served at Colfax Health and Rehabilitation Center. 

Scientists have developed a vaccine based in research to help protect all of us. Vaccines have been given to millions in our country, noting few and mild side effects. There is no science to support harm to fertility or pregnancy. Further, many rumors of harm from the vaccination have been debunked. 

The goals of the vaccine include reducing the risk of getting the COVID illness, reducing the severity of infection, reducing need for hospitalization, and reduce the risk of death from the COVID-19 virus. 

As caregivers, we chose a career in medicine to help others reach a level of personal health and independence. In order to help others, we need to keep ourselves healthy and strong. As friends and family, we want and need to be present with our loved ones to share the realities of everyday life. The flu season is coming soon and with the Delta Variant of COVID increasing quickly, some leaders fear another winter of touchless visits through window barricades. This is not something we want our residents at CHRC to relive. 

Please use the influenza and COVID vaccines as tools to protect yourself and also to protect the vulnerable people that you care for and love. Accepting these vaccines is an easy way to make a difference and be a part of the solution to SLOW THE SPREAD!


Kristin A. Severson, DO, CMD

Medical Director, Colfax Health & Rehabilitation Center

Resident/Family Indoor Visiting Guidelines

These guidelines must be followed while on campus. Visitation is subject to county and facility cases, along with resident status. If you have any questions, please feel free to call Leona Rude, Infection Preventionist at 715-962-3186.

  • No more than 4 visitors per resident are permitted during a visit. There is NO age limit for visitors. Infants under 1 year of age are not included in the visitor count. We ask that pre-school-age children still mask. All visitors need to please mask. We understand some of our littles may not be able to do this but please to the best of your ability help them wear their masks 😊
  • Pets are allowed to visit, however, we ask that you bring a copy of vaccination records for us to keep on file. Handwashing before and after touching pets.
  • Visitors will come to the front door. After screening, visitors need to head directly to their resident's room.
  • ALL visitors will be required to wear a mask (we ask that you bring your own). If you do not have a mask, one will be provided. Masks must always be worn by both visitors and residents during the entire duration of the visit.
  • During your visit, social distancing, a minimum of 6-feet, must take place at all times. HOWEVER, A FULLY VACCINATED RESIDENT CAN CHOOSE TO HAVE CLOSE CONTACT (including touch) with their visitor while wearing a well-fitting face mask and performing hand hygiene before and after. 
  • A CHRC staff member will be available to provide guidance and assistance during your visit if needed.
  • No food or drinks can be shared between visitors and residents and no exchange of items will be allowed during these visits. Unfortunately, visitors having a meal with residents is not allowed at this time on campus.
  • Visitors are encouraged to notify CHRC if they discover they are COVID positive or have been directly exposed 2 weeks following their visit.

It is very important that these guidelines be strictly followed. The continued health and safety of all in our care remains our top priority. Should a positive case of COVID-19 be identified in our facility or these guidelines are not followed, it may be necessary to suspend visitation and or alter the visitation policy.

If visitors are not following these guidelines, visitors will be asked to leave the premises. This is for the safety of all residents at CHRC.

Kind Words

"We cannot say enough about  the thoughtfulness and care given to my dear mom Wanda Auth during her stay at your facility. The many kindnesses and going out of your way personal touch shown...was such a blessing!"

In gratitude,
Paula & Larry Teibolini


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